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5 Reasons why your New Business Needs Hosted Desktop

The necessity for a significant investment in IT hardware and software is a major concern when starting a new business.  However, a Hosted Desktop solution can reduce your start-up costs by providing an inexpensive way to run your business application software on high-performance systems.  Here are 5 reasons to help you understand how and why Hosted Desktop is beneficial for your start-up or growing business:

Hosted Desktop eliminates the need for large investments in IT

Using hosted desktop, all you need to do is connect your local device to a specialist provider, such as RentedApps, via the Internet.  A virtual server handles all the data processing and data storage, without any high-end requirements for your local device.  All your business application software, including MS Office, will be taken care of by a fully hosted desktop.

1    Low Cost

Using Hosted Desktops means minimal capital expenditure on hardware and software.  This type of solution also ensures your peace of mind as it includes data storage and back-up, plus maintenance and support.  You can focus on your business without having to worry about any IT issues as they will easily be resolved by a hosted desktop solution.

2    Remote Access

Since your data is hosted on a virtual server, you can access it from anywhere, provided you have a suitable device connected to the internet.  So, shifting your workplace from one office to another will not be a problem as you can continue to work wherever you are, if your interface device has internet access.

3    Backup

Secure and consistent backup of your business data is important for your business security, growth and peace of mind.  This is well complimented by a hosted desktop with its ability to back up your data regularly.  Data storage and backup in a secured manner allows smooth and hassle free business data analytics at your end.

4    Scalability

The number of users can easily be increased or decreased as your business needs change, with your costs adjusted proportionately.

5    Innovation

A hosted desktop solution is priced quite low as compared to other IT hardware alternatives.  Using RentedApps, a monthly rental charge applies, proportionate to your requirements, giving you the freedom to decide how you want to use the system.

A hosted desktop solution is innovative in its own way as it encourages new and unique ways to run your business.  It transcends the traditional way of growing your business by providing you with ease of work and efficient management of resources.