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Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime Through Our Hosted Desktops

Enterprises continually look for ways to offload larger percentages of their maintenance costs.  Virtual hosting is increasingly becoming the trend for companies who want to maintain simplicity, scalability and flexibility with their IT infrastructure.  This is a form of Cloud computing that resembles traditional Windows desktop, but utilizes the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) model.

A multi-tenancy architecture is used, whereby a single application can be rented to multiple users, commonly known as tenants.  The service provider is therefore charged with the responsibility of maintaining the Cloud and its underlying infrastructure.  As such, the nature of the services provided depends specifically on the company’s needs.  For instance, some businesses may want to be given more control and flexibility over their security.

The outcome of the infrastructure is that businesses get everything they need to run all of their businesses in the Cloud.   This means they can access their applications and data from any device, anywhere: in the office, at home, on the train and elsewhere.  So you don’t necessarily need to have a Windows desktop to access your applications, since the remote desktop will run on your smartphone, iPad, Mac, Android and Tablet.

Additionally, it provides heightened data security, improved disaster recovery, easier platform migration and remote desktop provision in minutes.  Virtual desktop hosting has yielded cost reduction for many companies.  Using our hosted desktop services eliminates the need for in-house servers and their significant maintenance, replacement and support costs.

Features of a Cloud Desktop in More Detail

  • Access your business data from any device, anywhere.
  • Quick, secure and reliable services in the comfort of your office or home.
  • Remote desktop provision anytime means easy flexible working for employees.
  • Improved disaster recovery due to full security guarantee.
  • Virtual hosting means cost reduction and risk mitigation for your company.

RentedApps Provides Cloud Computing Services

RentedApps is among the country’s most trusted virtual hosting providers.  We are committed to superior customer service, and that’s why each customer is treated as an individual.  Additionally, all of our customer’s needs are maintained, including antivirus, updates, patches and full user support.  Our hosted desktops have the infrastructure to ensure we meet your particular business requirements.  This includes Hosted SharePoint, Web Services, SQL Servers and Hosted Exchange.

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