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Agincare – A Hosted Desktop Case Study

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Who are Agincare?

Agincare UK are a family-owned, independent care provider in the UK with care homes throughout England. They deliver to both the private and public sector with domiciliary care, live-in care and care homes. They focus on maintaining local relationships with each of their sites for the highest quality care and service and manage everything from scheduling and invoicing to the day-to-day activities of general care work.

Agincare also manage several joint ventures with hospitals and local authorities to aid in releasing hospital beds and maintaining the highest standards.


What was causing them issues?

Many of the employees complete work in their care homes, on the go and at their home office. Accessing and updating information is vital and on occasion laptops may malfunction, be left at another location or get lost. Not having access to everything on the go whenever they needed it caused numerous delays and impacted productivity. Add to this as Agincare’s employee base grew, more and more individuals were working on the move which only exacerbated the issue.

An area manager typically covers several care homes in a widespread area and the constant need to have the same single laptop in order to work was starting to become detrimental to their workflow. They weren’t able to access applications from any other device and as the ever-increasing number of sites they managed meant more and more hardware was having to be bought and maintained, they also wanted to find a way to save money.


What did we do to help?

By migrating them to our Rented Apps Hosted Desktop platform, we eliminated the requirement of each employee needing the same laptop to be able to work. Even in the rare events when a laptop is lost, no data is compromised as the business’ system is protected behind additional security checks on the business’ secure network.

Agincare are now fully mobile, with access from all devices, they spend considerably less on hardware, they are more secure than ever, productivity has increased, and they only pay for licences they use, when they use them. The company is in a very strong position to continue to grow as our platform can scales effortlessly with the new employees being added and in May 2019, we’re pleased to say Agincare have opened their 20th care home in Gorseway Manor.


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