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An Inexpensive Solution for Your IT Requirements

The biggest expense for most Professional organisations is payroll, but is surely worthwhile as it helps to build a good team that benefits the business.  Effective IT infrastructure is also needed to ensure efficient and effective performance, so that the team members can all achieve their potential.  The cost-effectiveness of IT and payroll are closely linked, so it is crucial to provide your team with good reliable technology that allows them to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

The Way Forward

Traditionally, organisations have invested in their own IT infrastructure to run their business.  This entailed capital expenditure on the Hardware and Software, followed by ongoing running costs for support and maintenance, using internal and/or external resources.  Further capital expenditure was then required whenever upgrades had to be implemented.  Without upgrades, IT equipment is much more vulnerable to hacking.  This approach used to be the only option for small to medium sized businesses, until Hosted Desktop technology became available.

Hosted Desktops in a Private Cloud

Moving your business to a Cloud based solution, such as that provided by RentedApps, can significantly reduce the high costs of purchasing, upgrading, and supporting in-house IT infrastructure.  Hosted Desktops from RentedApps, a division of SES Computing, allows you to have a secure, fully-supported IT solution, employing the latest hardware and software at our own private UK Data Centre.  A cashflow friendly solution that allows you to pay a fixed monthly sum for each desktop, with maximum flexibility to suit changing circumstances.


For more information on how your business can benefit from using Hosted Desktop solutions from RentedApps, please contact enquiries@sescomputers.com, or sales@sescomputers.com.  Alternatively, phone 01305 820300.

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