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VOIP – Hosted PBX


Quality, Efficiency and Flexibility

Bring Your Team Together

Voice & collaboration services that will make you feel like you are all in the same office all the time. Our fully integrated cloud-based 3CX VoIP solution enables clients to reduce operational costs and improve business communications.

PBX: Reinvented for remote workforce

  • Call, message, meet on-the-go.
  • Same office extension on Android & iOS apps.
  • Web Client accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy to install and manage.
  • Microsoft 365 Integration.
  • Live Chat
  • WhatsApp Messages
Hosted PBX

VOIP - Hosted PBX main features

Used by over 30,000 organisations across the globe, 3CX is our preferred business telephony solution because it is affordable, easy to install and manage.


Simultaneous calls

As your business requirements change, vary the number of simultaneous calls quickly and easily so that you only pay for the services you need with no outlay on networking and equipment.


Call Routing

Never miss a call again with call forwarding, call attendant, call hunt groups, on hold music and time of day routing.


Inclusive phone number

Choose from a wide range of national and regional UK telephone numbers.


Advanced reporting

Record calls for legal and quality monitoring purposes. Train agents with Listen-in and Whisper features and combine with performance analytics for the complete picture.


Hosted on our own PBX

3CX offers many features and apps hosted with the flexibility of being on our own Private Branch Exchange.


Feature rich

Our 3CX VOIP has over 90 features and benefits available for your business.


Local & national calls

Our packages start from

  • 5000 x mins local & national calls
  • 2000 x mins mobile calls


Technical Support

Our help desk is a user-friendly email ticketing solution operating on a 3 hour response with telephone support as a backup .


Web Conferencing

App-free web conferencing bringing the world to your office or home

Quality | Efficiency | Performance

The benefits to your business

  • Improved communications √-
  • Never miss a call √-
  • Increased productivity √-
  • Lower costs with no large capital outlay √-
  • Supports multi-tasking √-
  • Complete portability √-

Choose Your Rented Apps

Remote Working Solutions Tailored To Your Business

Choose Your Rented Apps

Remote Working Solutions Tailored To Your Business


Some of the technical solutions and terms explained

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and converts your analogue voice signal to a digital signal that can be run across your broadband connection.

What are the main features of VOIP for business?

VOIP is feature rich, offering flexibility for remote working and is scalable to suit any size of business and its requirements.
Advanced call management
Automatic call distribution
Call analytics
Call distribution
Call masking
Call recording
Conference bridge
Free intra-company calling
IVR systems
Video conferencing
Voicemail to email & text
VOIP control panel
Virtual switchboard

Can I have my existing landline number for VOIP?

Yes in all but the most exceptional circumstances you can port your old number with your to the VOIP service.

Where can I use my VOIP phone in the office and at home?

Yes there are a number of ways this can happen, VOIP comes with call routing so that you can transfer calls to any number of VOIP, mobile or landline phones. Furthermore, VOIP handsets can be plugged into any internet port or WIFI network.

What does PBX stand for

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, it is a private network for use in a single company or organisation.

What is the difference between 3CX and a PBX

3CX is the business communications software that sits on a private branch exchange (PBX) which is hosted in the cloud.