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Rented Apps comprehensive range of remote working solutions enables businesses to be productive, secure, and resilient from any location.

Our fully integrated cloud solutions enable businesses reduce operational costs and improve business communications. Replacing the requirements for capital investment and complex IT infrastructures maintaining ageing servers, telecoms and ISDN lines with our fully managed feature-rich data and communcation solution for business.

Quite simply we call it RENTED APPS.

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Rented Apps - Cloud IT Solutions


Hosted Desktops

Cloud VOIP Telephones

Hosted Emails

File Servers

Cloud Backup Protocols


Supporting The Evolution of Your Business

Our remote working solutions offer the flexibility to keep your business agile. Our managed IT services, tailored applications and remote desktops all protected by unparalleled security will help keep your business ahead of the curve.

Full Service Approach for all your remote working network, IT and communication needs

RENTED APPS empowers companies  with the flexibility on how they work and share data with others. Hosted Desktops provide a cost-effective business solution available for any size of organisation, eliminating all of the problems associated with in-house server systems.

RENTED APPS VOIP empowers companies with the flexibility on how they talk and connect with others with 3CX IP-PBX telephony solutions. By hosting your voice and conferencing in the cloud it will open your business to a whole new world of possibilities.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange from Rented Apps is a cloud-based solution enables your staff to access information, even when out of the office, get more out of their email system and can get much more done.

Our public and private cloud supports the latest operating systems, including CentOS, Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu and Windows. For Linux cloud servers our choice of control panels include Plesk and cPanel, allowing you to customise the server to your precise needs.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere with the fastest file access, even when offline—all without VPN. Streamline work for everyone by eliminating file version conflicts with global file locking, and prevent inbox overflow by sending file links instead of email attachments.

Rented Apps online-automated backup eliminates the cost of hardware. All your data is stored reliably, safely and securely. This also means you have the peace of mind that your data won’t become lost or end up in the wrong hands.

Rented Apps - Cloud IT Solutions

Premium Fully Managed Remote Working Systems for Business

Hosted Desktop New users can be added within 24 hours

4 x GB RAM
1 x CPU
10 x GB of storage
Windows Server
Windows Desktop Skin
Premium Security
Fully Managed Service
Expert UK Support

VOIP Telephones Affordable, easy to install and manage

5,000 mins local/ national calls
2,000 mins mob calls
1 x regional UK number
4 x simultaneous calls
Call forwarding/routing
Expert UK support

Hosted Emails Feature rich microsoft exchange solutions

5GB storage
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Outlook 2019
Real-time Sync
Premium Security
Effective Spam & Phishing Filters
Expert UK Support

File Servers Feature rich Microsoft Exchange solutions

4 x GB RAM
1 x CPU
50 x GB of Storage
Windows Server
Premium Virus Orotection
Fully Managed Service
Expert UK Support

Critical Business Infrastucture

Backed By the Best

Cloud VOIP Telephony

3CX VOIP Telephone Systems

Our Cloud VOIP offers fully integrated on premise, cloud-based or hybrid 3CX IP-PBX telephony solutions. One platform providing phone, video, meetings and chat so that you can seamlessly make and receive phone calls, share content, participate in video meetings, and send chat messages from your desktop and mobile app.

Easily elevate phone calls to a meeting without requiring participants to hang up and dial-in to a separate conference bridge.

Native apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android are designed for ease of use while maximizing voice and video quality of service

Hosted Desktops & Email

Hosted Desktops from RentedApps in partnership with Microsoft is the most cost effective business solution available for any size of organisation, eliminating all of the problems associated with in-house server systems. Hosting your desktop applications through virtual desktops makes working remotely hassle free.

RentedApps Hosted Desktops includes Microsoft 365 and Microsft Exchange Server email which has the ability to host all your other business applications (such as Payroll, Xero, IRIS, Sage Accounts, CRM, ERP systems, HR systems etc.).

Our development team sits inside a tried and tested company framework, SES Computers which has been in existence for more than forty years.

Friendly UK Based Support Service

Talk to SES Computers about our holistic range of Rented Apps including Hosted Desktops, Cloud VOIP,  Hosted Email, Virtual/File Servers and Cloud Backup

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