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How Cloud Backup and Recovery Can Ensure Business Continuity During a Cyberattack

More than 340 million people have been negatively affected by cyber attacks in 2023. These attacks are up 7% compared to the number of attacks during the same time in the previous year. With the advancement of technology, these attacks will only increase in frequency. 

As a business owner, you need to employ digital security tools to protect you from all types of cyberattacks. Cloud backup and recovery go beyond protecting business data to ensure business continuity during a cyberattack.

Cyberattacks Without Cloud Business Data Restoration

The first quarter of 2023 was not a good one for Dish Network. The company suffered a cyber attack on Feb 24th. It caused widespread network outages and a complete shutdown of the company’s websites, apps, and internal systems. 

It took about six weeks before Dish reported that it began to restore its systems. During this time, all business activities stalled, and customers grew increasingly dissatisfied. This is a lesson in how bad things can go when you don’t protect your data and system from cyber attacks. 

Cloud Server Backup Protection 

Backing up data to a cloud keeps your business data safe and secure. A third-party service stores your data on its remote server. This separates your backup data so you can access it from anywhere without accessing your internal systems. 

That way, a cyberattack could take over your internal systems, and you can still access your business data from the cloud. You can then continue operations seamlessly while also addressing the cyberattack. 

Timely Backups 

As long as your internal systems have access to the internet, your cloud backup can be actively updated. This ensures your backup data is as up-to-date as possible. The more often your cloud backup dates, the more accurate the continuity. 

When a cyber-attack happens, you can pick up the cloud backup from the time of the attack. This ensures operational continuity with as few discrepancies as possible. 

Faster Recovery 

Cloud services have a faster response time compared to other data backup and recovery solutions. This enables businesses to identify a cyber attack, shut down operations, and deploy cloud backups as quickly as possible. 

With shorter downtimes comes reduced productivity loss and negative financial impacts. 


Cloud-based services can easily scale with the needs of the business. This makes it possible for companies with limited resources to have access to adequate data backup and protection. 

Additional Protection 

A cloud-based backup is a separate server and system from your internal systems. This means an extra layer of protection between your backup data and the cyberattacker. You don’t have this when your data backup is a part of your internal system. 

High-quality cloud storage services deploy their own security and monitoring. This enables them to protect your backup data from an attack. 

Implement Cloud Backup and Recovery

If you own a business, you need cloud backup and recovery. Dish Network showed us that a single attack can bring even the biggest companies down. With cloud-based data backup and protection services, you can maintain business continuity in the face of a cyberattack. 

Protect your business from cyberattacks with our cloud-based solutions.