How hosted desktops will make your accountancy firm more efficient

How hosted desktops will make your accountancy firm more efficient

With HMRC’s personal tax software glitching and putting thousands of people at risk, it’s understandable why technology is one of the biggest concerns for accountants today. We are in a data-driven economy where data tends to be the number one asset to most businesses, especially finance based. Small and large companies, whether they have in-house financial services or outsource, rely on their bookkeeping and accountancy to be the most reliable.

With the ever increasing speeds and security of networking computers, the direction of tomorrow’s business is in the cloud. It is commonly agreed that hosted desktops and optimising cloud serves produce far more benefits and positive results than traditional IT setups offering expensive solutions, hardware and maintenance. So the question is not do we move to a hosted desktop platform; it’s when!

Hosted Desktops for Accountants

In this blog post, we will take a look at how hosted desktops are key for accountants and its benefits of increased efficiency, flexibility, productivity, security and reliability.

Enhanced flexibility and accessibility

A hosted desktop is a computer that you can access and operate using the internet. It combines all the elements of a computer – the hardware, the operating system, the processing power – but with the added accessibility of everything being in the cloud!

Many businesses outsource their finance and accountancy services, with many working from external locations. Therefore, the ability to work anytime and anywhere is important to accountants. A hosted desktop solution enhances remote working by granting access to files, data and applications from any location, providing that you have an internet connection. Staff can work from home, on the go, while travelling to client meetings or anywhere, from any device, which will increase the efficiency and productivity of your accountants.

By enabling file and application sharing through a hosted desktop, you will be enhancing your efficiency and productivity.

Improved productivity

Sharing files and data between colleagues was such a hassle on traditional computers, until hosted desktops arrived! By getting rid of the complex IT systems and the expensive software that you need to buy and regularly update as an account not only improves cost-efficiency but also productivity. With hosted desktops, information can be shared and worked on from anywhere, enhancing collaborative working with colleagues and clients. Any data or financial records needed for client meetings can be accessed remotely and even information gained remotely can be directly uploaded instead of waiting until you are back in the office.

Security and reliability

We understand that the security and reliability that you offer to your clients is vital as an accountant. With hosted desktops, all the financial and personal data that is so important to your business and clients is protected by the most up-to-date firewalls, encryption and other security measures, which are checked and tested regularly. Also, with the automated and secure back-up process that hosted apps have, lost emails and missing data will no longer be a concern.

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