Routers, Switching & Wifi Dorset

Routers, Switching & Wifi Dorset

Network routers and switches govern two of the fundamental aspects of any network – security and performance.

With the rise in demand for more open network architectures to enable remote connectivity solutions and virtual private networks, routers now play a vital role in protecting your critical business systems from unwanted intruders. Within the office, users also expect the flexibility of a wireless connection for laptops and mobile devices, and this presents a further security risk.

Access Control

Remote connectivity solutions enable workers to remain productive when they are away from the office whilst only allowing trusted users access to your systems.

Choose the Right Network Partner

If network cabling is the system of veins and arteries that carries data around the body of your network, your network switch is the brains of the operation. SES can supply:

  • Routers and firewalls
  • Network switches
  • Wi-Fi access points

We have been used to Supply and maintain a Citrix infrastructure for large national company as an outsourcing partner. No significant issues since commencement of outsourcing partnership – more than 10 years ago. We cannot foresee any current circumstance which would see us change this arrangement.

Planning for a healthier network
We’ll audit and document your hardware, analysing overall performance, security and compliance. Your dedicated SES Computers account manager will help manage warranties, software licensing and disaster recovery contingencies and produce an IT roadmap for your business.

Increasing efficiency and reducing IT cost
Our experience, ethics and commitment to building lasting relationships means we take every opportunity to improve your business efficiency and reduce costs.

Virtual IT department
For businesses looking for a fully outsourced solution, IT Support Dorset schedules weekly visits by accredited engineers qualified to perform all administrative functions, assist with budget-planning and consult on overall IT strategy at board level.

For over 30 years we have been designing and implementing IT systems for a wide range of clients covering retail, service, hospitality, education, manufacture and research.

SES Computers is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and services in the UK. As an authorized Cyber Essentials partner, we help organizations achieve and maintain Cyber Essentials certification. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated

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