Is your Microsoft Server out of date?

Is your Microsoft Server out of date?

It is estimated that one fifth of original users are still running Windows Server 2003, even though support ended for this product over twelve months ago. Since July 2015, Microsoft has not updated the security, nor offered any support. This leads us to the obvious question as to why so many people are still using such out-of-date software.

It may well be due to the old mantra ‘if it’s not broken why fix it’. All well and good until it does break. Or even worse, your server is hacked, leaving you exposed to data loss and security issues. We have covered the loss of data and the damage this can cause to your pocket, productivity and company reputation in a previous post.

What Are The Risks If You Are Still Running Windows Server 2003?

  1. Potentially Increased Business Costs – Without security updates, the cost of keeping your server secure will increase. Support costs post July 2015 will increase significantly if something does go wrong.
  2. Security Risks – The loss of ongoing bug fixes for the Windows Server 2003 means that you are leaving yourself exposed to new and existing vulnerabilities. This issue is widely publicised by Microsoft, and talked about on almost every tech blog there is. So it comes as no surprise that the baddies are targeting out-of-date Server Operating Systems, as they know the security is unlikely to have been updated. This leaves your business more open to the threat of cyber-attack.
  3. Possible Non-compliance – Is your business subject to external audits? If so, out-of-date and insecure servers could cause you to be non-compliant, and thus fail your audit. What are the costs involved if you do fail an audit?

Does your business still operate using Windows Server 2003? Do you now feel it is time to upgrade your business server? It could be a perfect time to migrate your server into the Cloud and operate Virtual Desktops.

The benefits of moving to virtual desktop can be significant. Most importantly you will be safer and compliant. You will also be surprised how cost effective it can be. At RentedApps we offer full migration support, whilst moving your business onto our secure Cloud based Servers. Running virtual desktops gives you flexibility and security with the latest applications. It also can easily be adapted to fit your business needs, enabling expansion without the need for significant capital expenditure on additional servers and software.

To learn more about how you could easily migrate your old Microsoft Server 2003 into the Cloud with RentedApps contact us today. Migrate your business to a virtual desktop solution using our suite of RentedApps visit here to get started.

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