Keep Connected and in Control on Holiday

Keep Connected and in Control on Holiday

The summer holiday season is here with us again. But many owners of small to medium sized businesses, who take a well-deserved break, will know how stressful a holiday can be. Letting go and entrusting your workforce, whilst having only limited access, or perhaps relying solely on email contact through your Tablet or Phone, can be the toughest part of your vacation.

The resultant worry and anxiety may well prevent business owners from relaxing fully and enjoying their much needed break. The good news is that the worry and anxiety associated with entrusting their business to other people can be avoided by moving their desktop computer systems onto a virtual cloud based system provided by Rented Apps.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

Rented Apps is a system that allows managers and business owners to be able to keep abreast with what is happening in their business, from a remote location anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or computer.

How Does a Desktop in the Cloud Work?

With an internet connection and a fully enabled device, users are able to log in to their fully managed virtual servers from anywhere. Business owners and managers are able to monitor the events from anywhere in the world. It’s not only for monitoring; it allows you to work as if you were sat at your computer in the office.

Virtual Desktops from Rented Apps

Rented Apps servers are hosted from our own UK data centre based at our head office, situated in the South of England. We offer full data access, backup, and security protection, including anti-spam and anti-virus, as standard. Rented Apps can work in many ways for you and your employees by providing security. flexibility and remote working without interruption.

Therefore, if you are a manager and business owner, take away the worry of the running of your company, while you are away, by migrating your business to a virtual desktop solution using our suite of RentedApps visit here to get started.

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