Managed Internet Services: Streamlining Connectivity for Multi-Location Businesses

Managed Internet Services: Streamlining Connectivity for Multi-Location Businesses

Operating multi-location businesses can be a challenge for some people. Each location could have different needs and depending on where you are, there could be different regulations that you need to follow.

The largest business chain in the world has over 62,000 locations.

You may not have quite that many locations. However, you are likely looking for a way to streamline connectivity with your locations.

That is where managed internet services come in.

How can managed IT services and cloud internet services help you? What should you look for in IT managed services?

This is your guide.

Eliminating Employee Turnover

One of the main advantages multi-location businesses have when they turn their cloud internet services over to a managed service is that the company does not have to worry about employee turnover anymore.

This is because when your company hires IT managed services, it is outsourcing the entire department. As a result, you are not the one that has to worry about hiring people and replacing people that quit for these roles.

That is a big deal for companies because of how much time and money is spent on the hiring process for open jobs. On average, a company spends at least 30% of an employee’s yearly salary to replace them.

For example, let’s say that an old IT employee you had was making $100,000 per year. All of a sudden, they quit and now your company is on the hook to replace this employee. It may end up costing your company $30,000 to replace this employee.

However, money is not the only issue in this situation. You need to consider the time you are going to spend filling this role too.

Nearly 17% of employees tend to quit their jobs every year. That means that you may have to go through this process every year.

On top of this, it may take several weeks to find someone qualified to take over that position. That can lead to production issues in your office during this transition, too.

Hiring managed IT services to take over this role can help you save time and money on this issue.

Centralised Communication

Another benefit to outsourcing your IT services is that with this arrangement, you can centralise your communication to one place for anything involving IT.

This can make things much easier to manage for your multi-location business. The reason why is that you now have one contact to go to for any IT issue in any location.

For example, if you have websites for each area that you serve, one in Liverpool may be having an issue that one in London does not have. Then, the next day, the website for London’s location may have issues that the Liverpool one does not have.

With this arrangement, you can go to the same contact for whatever issue you are having and get it fixed.

Another part of this communication style is that it can help streamline connectivity to other locations. These IT services can help you develop one place where every location can communicate with each other using cloud internet services.

Let’s say that every location is working on a campaign for your business chain. However, every location needs to have at least one unique thing for their location in the campaign. Cloud internet services can help leaders in these locations talk to each other about these ideas and also see what progress each location has made.

In other words, it can bring employees and leaders in multiple locations closer together.

Focus on Your Business

Running a business is a lot of work. Sometimes, you may feel like it is too much for one person to handle. As a result, you may feel like you have as much time as you would like to focus on certain aspects of your business.

Well, outsourcing your IT department can help with this issue. It would be one less thing on your plate and almost everything in that department would be run by a third party.

This can help free up some time for you to focus on other things as a business owner.

An example can be spending more time coming up with marketing strategies to increase sales of your product or service. Another thing you can do is spend some time coming up with ways to make your productivity more efficient.

The point is that if you are a business owner that needs more time on other parts of your business, this can be a great way to get that time.

Experience on Your Side

Finally, hiring a managed service will get you experience in this department that you can use for your benefit. This can be anything from having access to the latest software and hardware to keeping up with the latest news in the industry.

These people typically know the threats they are dealing with and what resources they are going to need to do their jobs.

Get Managed Internet Services

These are some of the biggest benefits of getting managed internet services for your company. If your company has struggled with employee turnover in this department, this service will make that a thing of the past.

On top of this, you would be free to focus more time on other aspects of your business. Best of all, you have a third party with years of experience on your side.

Do you want to hire a managed service? Message us here to get started.

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