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Why Choose Our Cyber Security Managed Services?

Cyber Security as a Service

Our cyber security managed services maintain a secure IT environment so your business can grow, all while preventing unauthorised access to your network and allowing service users access to external data that we carefully verify.

Cyber Security That Works Through Collaboration

Cyber security is the process of protecting software, data, and hardware connected to the internet from cyber threats. Both individuals and businesses use this method to keep unauthorised people from getting into data centres and other computerised systems.

A strong cyber security strategy can give an organisation or user a good defence against attacks that try to alter, gain access to, destroy, delete, or extort their systems and sensitive data. Cyber security also plays a crucial role in blocking attacks that disable a system or device from working or making it hard to use.

SES Computers will collaborate with you to ensure your business is protected.

Managed IT Firewall

Managed Cyber Security Services With You in Mind


Planned Security

Our managed cyber security services will monitor, maintain, and support your security system to ensure you have a strong security posture. With continuity planning, you can keep your business running, and disaster recovery solutions can get your systems back up and running quickly.


Improved Network Access

SES cyber security managed services take care of the day-to-day operations of your firewall, making it more accessible and ensuring it stays up and running. Security policies and settings must be kept up-to-date and in line with what is needed for access control and the operational environment. We do just that.


Support You Can Trust

We at SES Computers genuinely care about our customer relationships and the quality of our support services. One of the most common problems for businesses is that their support providers are unwilling to communicate effectively. This creates a ``no man's land`` when problems arise. We never subject our clients to this kind of frustration and intend to maintain that standard.


Technical Expertise

Our cyber security consultants will observe your data, processes, applications, and end-users before suggesting a solution and a set of rules that fit your way of working and keep your network secure.


Enhanced Firewall Management

Our cyber security managed services experts maintain your cyber security system with patches and fixes, ensuring that security measures are always up-to-date. We monitor internet access from the company network, make management reports, respond to critical alerts, and advise you on how to optimise your firewalls.

Why You Need Managed Security Services

The importance of cyber security managed services is on the rise as the number of devices, end-users, and applications in today’s organisation increase with the massive volume of data – much of which is confidential or considered sensitive. The digital space has become more prone to security issues mainly due to the increasing number of cyberattacks and the sophistication of attack methods. Managed cyber security services do the heavy lifting for you.

Our experts will create the framework you need to ensure your data remains protected and you have peace of mind.

Your Company Will Benefit From Cyber Security Managed Services

Incorporating and sustaining sound cyber security policies through cyber security managed services has many advantages.

  • Security for businesses against hacking and other forms of cybercrime
  • Quicker restoration following an attack
  • Secure storage and transmission of data and networks
  • Uptime and reliability in business operations
  • Stopping unwanted users from getting in
  • User and device privacy protection
  • Data security compliance
  • Enhanced trust and credibility among the company’s development community, partner businesses, customers, stakeholders, and staff
Managed IT Support Services

The Many Types of Cyber Security Threats We Prioritise

It can be challenging to keep up with technological innovations, security trends, and threat intelligence. It is needed, however, to protect your data and other resources from cyber threats – and they materialise in many forms. Managed security services help you remain GDPR compliant in the UK and save revenue you could lose in a data breach. Some kinds of cyber threats are:

  • Social engineering – an attack that uses human interaction to trick people into breaking security rules so that they can get sensitive information that users usually protect, like passwords, for instance.
  • Malware – malicious software used to damage a computer user. It can be any file or program. Worms, viruses, Trojans, and spyware are all examples of this.
  • Another type of malware is called “ransomware.” Attackers lock the computer system files of a victim, usually by encrypting them and then demand payment to unlock and decrypt the files.
  • Insider threats result from losses or security breaches caused by people such as contractors, employees, or customers. Insider threats are either malicious or negligent in nature.
  • Phishing- a type of social engineering that uses fake emails or texts that look like they came from a trusted or well-known source. The goal of these messages, which are often random attacks, is to steal sensitive information like credit card or login information.
  • Spear phishing – this is a form of phishing attack meant to trick a specific person, business, or organisation.
  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) – these attacks happen when multiple systems, like servers, websites, or other network resources, work together to stop traffic on a single system. By sending many messages, connection requests, or packets to the target, attackers can slow down or crash the system, making it impossible for legitimate traffic to use it.
  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs) – these threats are long-lasting, targeted attacks in which an attacker gets into a network and stays there for a long time without being found. The attacker’s goal is to steal data.
  • Man-in-the-middle (MitM) – these attacks are a type of eavesdropping in which an attacker intercepts and forwards messages between two parties who think they are talking to each other.

Botnets, exploit kits, drive-by-download attacks, vishing, malvertising, cross-site scripting (XSS), credential stuffing, business email compromise (BEC), SQL injection, and zero-day exploits are also common types of attacks.

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