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Most British people don’t know anything about what companies do with their Data.

If you use one of our Hosted Desktops you will know that we treat your data as YOUR data. Transparency is key to our business.
However, a lot of data collecting companies that host people’s private photos, videos, messages and information sell that data on. The question is, do British people know that?

According to a recent study from the ‘Publicis Sapient’, which measured consumers sentiment and sensitivity around data privacy, 61% of British people are in the dark about what companies do with their data and 40% believe that their own data is worth more than the service they receive.

This would lead to the idea that the average person isn’t very savvy about issues surrounding their data. In recent years, this number has gone up with huge data breaches such as the Cambridge Analytics scandal, to the implementation of GDPR in the EU. However we can still see 65% of British people surveyed admit to total ignorance about how companies handle their data. This isn’t completely surprising as data-brokers like Facebook and Google are not very transparent about what all this means.

Only 6% of people consider themselves completely clued up on data issues, and these users tend to use services like our own, or live in ecosystems that don’t sell user data such as Apple.

This compares unfavourably with the global picture., which found 61% of people are oblivious as to where their data ends up. Interestingly, 49% of those polled living in Briton said that prior confirmation of a company not selling or sharing personal data was a greater incentive to use their services than the right to delete.

Are you aware of where your data is stored and how it’s used? Its never too late to learn more! Keep an eye on our blog in the coming months as we share more.