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Unlocking Long-Term Savings in Software Development: Strategies for Efficiency and Cost Reduction

When it comes to software development, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are essential to maintain productivity and achieve success. In the modern world, technology drives progress and businesses of all sizes are continually seeking ways to maximize the value of their software endeavors while minimising expenses. This pursuit has led to a critical exploration of strategies aimed at unlocking long-term savings in…

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The Future of Business Communication: Exploring the Advantages of VOIP Systems

Modern businesses rely on effective communication to form the cornerstone of success. As technology continues its rapid evolution, so too does the way businesses connect and collaborate. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems have emerged as a pivotal innovation, poised to redefine business communication as we know it.  Below, we will dive into the future of business communication, exploring the…

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Remote Working – making the right choices for your business

As we are finally emerging from lockdown, with over 70%* of people globally working remotely at least once a week and employees still keen to maintain at least some of the benefits of working from home. Businesses are being presented with a whole host of new questions surrounding corporate structure, staff and role of the traditional office. (*Source – IWG…

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Want a mobile workforce? Here’s how the cloud and hosted desktops can help!

Remote working isn’t a new concept but it is considered one of the most important trends for 2020-2021. For several companies, long gone are the days of requiring your colleagues to be attached to their desks from 9-5. In fact, 50% of the UK workforces is predicted to work remotely by 2022 according to the Office of National Statistics. Many…

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Hosted Desktops Cloud Solutions Explained

What You Need to Know Before Moving Your Business to the Cloud

The needs of IT departments are continuously evolving.  IT managers face a constant challenge to manage the needs of businesses.  Users want more flexibility to support their increasing mobile working practices.  At the same time, there is huge concern about information security, compliance issues and the ability to retain control over their data.  Hosted virtual desktop is a sure solution…

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The Reasons Why Businesses Are Better In the Cloud With Hosted Desktop

As Cloud computing advances towards becoming a major mainstream consumer product, companies are now putting more trust in the Cloud to access their IT services and infrastructure.  Businesses considering transfer to the Cloud need to be certain that their data is fully protected, and that productivity is assured and generally enhanced.  Lower running costs are also a major benefit.  When…

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9 Ways to welcomes a new team member working remotely

It can always be challenging to make sure a new member of staff feels comfortable in your existing team and learn the different ways that your company works. This is ten-times harder when your whole team is working remotely… or is it? Today we want to run through 10 ways you can adapt to this new reality. Pre-Calls: We have…

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The Best Apps to Empower your Home Workflow

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Best Apps to Empower your Home Workflow As we go deep into our second lockdown here in the UK, we are seeing a huge rise in companies allowing staff to work from home full time. It has been projected that by the end of 2020, 50% of the entire UK workforce will be working remotely in some capacity. According…

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What is A Hosted Desktop Solution

What is a Hosted Desktop

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] What is a Hosted Desktop? While often referred to as a desktop service or DasS, a hosted desktop, much like the name refers too, a desktop in the cloud! You already have many services you use everyday that are cloud based - such as emails, online storage and word-processing softwares. Why not host your entire desktop? By moving your…

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Working From Home

Should we just keep Working From home? I’m sure just like us, you are all feeling the fatigue from hearing about ‘the new normal’, ’working from home’ or a ‘Pandemic’. The unfortunate truth is that with the way things currently are, there is no way this is going to end soon. Some healthcare experts are even predicting this could continue…

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