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Want a mobile workforce? Here’s how the cloud and hosted desktops can help!

Remote working isn’t a new concept but it is considered one of the most important trends for 2020-2021. For several companies, long gone are the days of requiring your colleagues to be attached to their desks from 9-5. In fact, 50% of the UK workforces is predicted to work remotely by 2022 according to the Office of National Statistics. Many…

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Why virtual PCs are the best way to grow your start-up quickly

When you’re a start-up it can be very difficult to compete with established companies and large competitors. However staying ahead of the curve is just as easy for new businesses. For start-ups and small enterprises, without existing old-fashioned hardware or costly bulky servers, starting your business on the cloud will give you a competitive boost. Find out why virtual PCs…

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