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Report Highlights Security Issues For On Site Servers

Sceptical business owners have always been concerned by the levels of security that operating in the Cloud provides. Recent studies have shown that a significant number of businesses do not employ basic security to protect their on-site Servers from cyber-attack.

Sounds interesting but what does this mean?

Basic security involves solutions like anti-virus software being installed on business Servers.  However, the NTT Groups Intelligence Report showed that many Servers have unpatched vulnerabilities, even when security patches have been available for two years or more.

This report covered more than three billion cyber-attacks that happened in 2013.  It also highlighted that Cloud services tend to have better security settings than the average on-site Server.

The study showed that 77% of businesses have no recovery plan, should disaster happen to their on-site Server.  This leaves such businesses open to huge risk, with the potential for harm to reputation and profit, should disaster strike.  Data Centres and Virtual Desktop providers, like RentedApps, have disaster plans in place that are available to their customers on request.

At RentedApps, we believe this should be seen as a stark security warning to business owners and IT departments.  The report focused on the benefits of Cloud services, such as a Virtual Desktop from RentedApps, and the security advantages that this type of solution can provide.  We pride ourselves on the security of our Cloud based Virtual Desktop solutions, and continually strive to protect the integrity of our client’s data.  Strict processes are implemented to ensure this is maintained for our clients on a daily basis.

Firstly the data centred for our Cloud is housed in a secure unit at one of our offices based on the south coast of England.  Other steps taken include

  • Top-end hardware firewalls
  • Anti-virus and monitoring software
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • A rigorous maintenance schedule to update software patches as they are released

For more information on the security of a Virtual Desktop from RentedApps contact us today.  The team will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about moving your business to the RentedApps Cloud.