Safeguard Your Digital Realm With
Cloud-Driven Resilience

Key Features

Comprehensive, transparent reporting of backup status, health monitoring, and storage statistics provides real-time visibility across your data-protection infrastructure.


Cloud-Backed Accessibility

Seamlessly retrieve your vital business data with our cloud backup services through Android & iOS apps and a web client.


Streamlined Setup and Administration

Experience a trouble-free deployment and administration process with our Cloud Hosted File Server services.


Integrated Communication

Effortlessly blend WhatsApp messaging into your cloud backup services, offering diverse communication channels within your secured environment.

Improved communications

Increased productivity

Lower costs with portability

Unleash the Potential of High-Performance Cloud File Servers.

Experience the pinnacle of cloud innovation with our Cloud Hosted Servers. These virtual private servers (VPS) or partitions within a larger server redefine your business capabilities, providing the processing power and functionality akin to a high-end dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

Full or granular restore

Backup all your Teams, Exchange, SharePoint and other data, with a choice of full or granular restore depending on your needs.

Cloud native

As your data is already in the cloud, retaining your encrypted backup files in the network entails high performance and instant scalability.


Seamless integration

Using the full suite of our Rented Apps ensures that all your IT and Communications are fully backed up and secure.

Powerful cloud backup

Enterprise grade fast backups with SES continual monitoring and transparent reporting of backup status with unmatched ease of use.

Elevate Data Assurance

Embark on a transformative journey for your business, guided by the pillars of Quality, Efficiency, and Performance within SES Computers’ Cloud Backup Services. Tailored to deliver tangible benefits, our solutions enhance the overall quality of your data operations, elevate efficiency to unprecedented heights, and ensure top-notch performance.
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Technical Support

Technical Support

Our help desk is a user-friendly email ticketing solution operating on a 3 hour response with telephone support as a backup .

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Two week retention on all data services includes managed backups, software licenses and support.

Hosted on our own servers

Giving added flexibility to tailor the package around the client’s business rather than vice versa.

Fully managed service

Expert UK based support from a named SES account manager who will get to know you and your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or optimize your operations, our platform has you covered.

What data does cloud-to-cloud backup protect?

All data is backed up including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Business data.

Will restore overwrite the production data?

All restore operations in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup are non-destructive, and will not overwrite existing data.

Where is the backup data held?

Data is stored securely in the cloud and is managed by UK based data centre staff.

What software is used to backing up data?

Enterprise level Barracuda Cloud-to-cloud backup providing complete IT & communications security and backup.

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