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Navigate the complex digital landscape with assurance. Our UK-based managed cybersecurity services offer robust defence against evolving threats. Specialising in securing business operations, we’re committed to facilitating your enterprise’s uninterrupted growth. Partner with us to fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure.


24/7 Threat Monitoring

Our round-the-clock monitoring service identifies potential threats before they infiltrate your business.


Bespoke Security Solutions

Tailored strategies aligned with the UK’s regulatory framework, meeting your unique business needs and compliance requisites.


Compliance and Reporting

Stay ahead of the UK’s regulatory curve with our comprehensive compliance and reporting services.

Improved Security

Increased productivity

Lower costs with portability

Never Get Your Data Leaked

Ready to bolster your business’s digital defence? Contact us today for a bespoke cybersecurity strategy that propels your growth. Our seasoned team of cybersecurity experts is dedicated to safeguarding your digital assets, enabling you to focus on what you do best – driving your business forward.

Managed Anti-Virus & Malware

Protect your businesses PCs, Laptops & Servers with award-winning anti-virus software, intelligent anti-malware and 24/7 monitoring and reporting on device activity.

24/7 network monitoring

Our continuous cybersecurity monitoring detect threats and data breaches way before they escalate into serious security issues.

Disaster recovery

Accompanied by regular security assessments, we are able to provide you with a recovery plan on how to respond to unplanned incidents

Security assessments

Accompanied by regular security assessments, we are able to provide you with customised advice on how to further optimise your firewall security

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Guard your business in the digital realm with our robust Cyber Security solutions. As cyber threats evolve, so do our security strategies, ensuring your business remains safe and secure. Still wondering how our Cyber Security services protect your digital assets?

All you need to do is fill out our contact form, and we’ll be sure to email you back promptly with more detailed information. Secure your business future with us – reach out today.

Attain Cybersecurity Excellence

Embark on a transformative journey for your business, guided by the core principles of SES Computers’ Cybersecurity Achievements. Our solutions are intricately crafted to deliver tangible benefits, elevating the overall quality of your security operations, boosting efficiency to new heights, and ensuring top-notch performance that propels your business towards unparalleled cybersecurity excellence.

Our Technical Director, Tim Garratt, holds esteemed certifications including CompTIA Network+, PenTest+, Security+, and CNVP. These credentials underscore our commitment to excellence and ensure that our team is fully qualified to handle your company’s IT needs with the highest level of professionalism and skill. With such comprehensive qualifications, you can trust SES Computers to provide reliable and secure solutions tailored to your business.

Comptia Certifications
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Nearly half of British SMEs have no business continuity, disaster recovery or crisis management plans in place, despite almost the same number of UK businesses (46%) suffering at least one cyber security breach or attack

In 2023, the UK witnessed 71 publicly disclosed security incidents in the month of September alone, accounting for a staggering 3.8 billion compromised records. This escalated the total number of compromised records for the year to over 4.5 billion
Early in 2023, it was reported that 72% of large organizations and 36% of small firms in the UK experienced cyberattacks, showcasing a significant disparity in the security challenges faced by organizations of different sizes​

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or optimize your operations, our platform has you covered.

What is a firewall?
A firewall is compueter hardware or software that protects and prevents unauthorised access to a network or computers system.
What is the main cause of a firewall failure?

95% of all firewall breaches are caused by misconfiguration or incorrect specification. Which is why we recommend using our professionally managed Firewall services.

What is the most common threat to a firewall?

Insider attacks
Missed security patches
Configurations mistakes
A lack of deep packet inspection
DDos or denial of service attacks.

What is a human Firewall?

Cybersecurity training encourages employees to understand the cybersecurity threat landscape, how to identify security risks and the process of reporting potential cyberattacks or poor security practices.



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“SES Computers' Cybersecurity Solutions have been invaluable for our organization. The robust protection and proactive measures have significantly fortified our digital assets, providing a secure environment for our operations.”

Jessical Miller

For over 30 years we have been designing and implementing IT systems for a wide range of clients covering retail, service, hospitality, education, manufacture and research.

SES Computers is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and services in the UK. As an authorized Cyber Essentials partner, we help organizations achieve and maintain Cyber Essentials certification. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated

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