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Delivering Applications as a cost-effective, on-demand service to any user, anywhere

Hosted Services employs Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), within a restricted Cloud environment, to satisfy all of the IT Service requirements of businesses, particularly those spread over more than one physical location. It is available for clients who wish to take advantage of the benefits offered by this type of service, and potential cost savings

The Virtualised Desktop gives you and your staff the ability to access and run your Applications, wherever and whenever you want. You can be static or on-the-move, and use any suitable hardware item, such as Workstation, Laptop, Notepad, or even Smartphone. The integrity and security of your data is paramount, so it is retained within the specific Cloud environment created for you by SES Computing.

Two basic styles of Hosted Services are offered:

1. Clients run their Applications, with their own Data, using centralised Server and Data Storage facilities in their ownership.

2. Alternatively, clients run their Applications, via ‘Rented Apps’, using Servers and Data Storage facilities provided by SES Computing.

Among the factors to be considered, when contemplating the use of Hosted Services, are:

If you are interested, contact SES Computing for more information, or look at our sister site www.rentedapps.com.