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Solicitors must do everything to protect Client interests…

For all involved in Legal Practice, information security is paramount, as reputation depends on it.  In the past, this has led to some practioners not always having sufficient confidence to employ IT solutions involving Hosted Desktops.

However, we are going to explain how Hosted Desktops can be beneficial for Legal Practices, particularly with the additional security options currently available to maximise information protection.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

A Hosted Desktop solution from RentedApps provides an operator interface in just the same way as a standard desktop computer.  Staff can switch on their device, access their data files and use their applications software just as they would normally.  However, the data is stored, and the applications run, very proficiently, at the RentedApps Data Centre, within our Private Cloud.  No more worries about in-house Servers, Backups and Security, as this is all taken care of at the Data Centre.  And, because the data, settings and software functionality are all accessed over the Internet, any compatible device, including Desktop Computer, Tablet, iPad or Smartphone, will provide a suitable interface for all users, whenever required.

How Will a Hosted Desktop from RentedApps Benefit Your Legal Practice?

Our Hosted Desktop solutions deliver high levels of flexibility, along with easily scalable IT options that will provide resilience and efficiency for your firm.  Other benefits with using RentedApps include:

  • Significantly reduced capital investment and maintenance costs
  • Pay as you go, without long-term commitment or contract
  • Access your information almost anywhere, anytime
  • High degree of flexibility, with maximum efficiency and good data security
  • Minimal downtime

RentedApps will provide your legal firm with Hosted Desktops that you can rely on.  Our secure Data Centre is situated in the UK, and supported by an in-house team of technical experts.  Knowing how important security is to those involved in Legal Practice, we make every effort to enhance data security, and prevent cyber attack, including the use of two factor authentications.