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Stay Connected with your team while working remotely

Stay Connected with your team while working remotely

 As we gain sight of the return of normality, for most of us who work in offices and shared spaces that isn’t the case. We are seeing many companies offer employees flexible working hours, continued working from home until 2021, and even offices being closed so businesses can retain a remote base. So, how do we keep remote-based work productive and engaging for yourself, employees, and the company you work for?

Today we want to run you through some of our favourite apps to stay connected while at work!


To most of you, this won’t be anything new. Slack was already used globally by millions of people to stay connected while at work. It offers a ton of integrations to make it easier to streamline your project management and communications. You can use it to brainstorm, share files, collaborate, and create a destination for all online employee interactions. You can even add clients into certain channels – no more email chains!

Google Hangouts

Birthed from the failed social network Google+, Hangouts have become an easy to use video chat service anyone with a Gmail account can use. It’s perfect for large business meetings or small video chats with colleagues.


One thing many people didn’t think about when we moved to remote working was the paper trail. How many important bits of paperwork are just scattered about your office? Trello is a top of the line project management system tool and ‘to-do’ list that you can use to store all your tasks, project information and even assign tasks to members of your team!


For those of you in the creative industry, Thoughtflow gives you visual mood boards that you can add notes, documents, and more so there is never any confusion on what style and approach to take on a client’s project.

Google Drive

Just like Slack, many of you have probably used this before. Did you know that they also offer you the option to have a Google Drive for a business? Store everything in one place that is easy and simple for your whole team to access.


We aren’t even going to bother explaining this one;  if you have been working from home recently, you already know.


Asana has been a saviour for us. We can store important documents, videos, photos, numbers, emails, everything all in one place; allowing us to manage all our tasks and projects from the platform. We even invite clients into Asana so they can add their own information and track timelines of projects as we complete them. If you haven’t used Asana yet, we highly recommend it.

All these apps are available across Mac, Windows, iOS & Android. You can easily download them onto a Hosted Desktop from Rented Apps and have them accessible anywhere. There is no need to spend hundreds of pounds on computers anymore.

Find out more by getting in contact with a member of our team today!