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Streamlining Your Workspace: The Benefits of Managed Desktop Services and Hosted Desktop Solutions in the UK

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Businesses often reach a point where their current IT systems become stagnant. Before that stagnation becomes a problem, it is essential to take action. So, what’s the next move? One of the best courses of action you can take is to consider a hosted desktop in the UK.

Around 90% of UK businesses use cloud services. Virtual desktop hosting is fast becoming one of the best cloud services for business IT systems. So, how can purchasing a cloud service benefit your business?

Managed desktop services are cloud-based management systems that can implement, manage, configure, and monitor your IT systems on your desktop estate. Read on to learn some of the top benefits your business can reap from a hosted desktop service. 

Save Time

Technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented speed, with over 5.19 billion internet users in the world today. Business software needs to keep up to stay ahead of competitors and cyber threats. More than ever, IT solutions need to be integrated into a business’s infrastructure, which can feel like a losing battle without the right resources, knowledge, and time.

Managed desktop services offer the expert support, resources, and strategy your business needs, so you can use your time focusing on other aspects of your business. You can have peace of mind that remote desktop management professionals are safely handling your IT needs.

Streamline Productivity

Managed desktop services are one way to rekindle the relationship between productivity and technology. These services help reduce the risk of downtime caused by IT system issues, human errors, and cyber threats. 

They will analyse your business software and ensure it is safeguarded so that your data can be recovered even if there is an outage. They can also provide support when you need it, ensuring any issues are addressed as promptly as possible. So, even if your business does experience downtime, you can resume operations as soon as possible.

Less downtime and prompt support means productivity has the space to increase. A UK-hosted desktop will also help improve business software so IT systems are improved and optimised, allowing for streamlining of tasks. 

Cost Savings 

When looking at virtual desktop hosting, you may question the costs. After all, it is an additional investment for your business. However, the benefits that remote desktop management offers to all industries mean it is a cost-efficient solution. 

You do not have to worry about investing in an in-house IT department, which comes with many additional costs. These include employing staff, conducting training, dealing with absences, and providing in-house software solutions.

A hosted desktop provider gives you instant access to experts. They know how to implement the right IT solutions for your business the first time. The costly risks of data breaches and business downtime also reduce when a reputable IT team manages your desktop estate.

Another way you can enjoy cost savings with a hosted desktop in the UK is because they can provide predictable operating costs. You will devise a payment plan with the provider, such as a monthly charge. While unpredictable costs may arise, you will have an idea of IT costs that you can easily track and manage.

Efficient Cloud Use and Better Infrastructure

The Cloud computing market continues to grow, estimated to reach $947 billion by 2026. However, not all companies know how to utilise the solutions cloud computing offers. 

Managed desktop services ensure you are optimising and managing your cloud computing efficiently. They understand the complexities of the cloud and how to navigate challenges no matter the industry. An experienced remote desktop service will be familiar with your industry’s challenges and how to leverage the cloud to your company’s advantage. 

One of the main ways virtual desktop hosting improves cloud use is by enhancing your business software so it works with cloud architecture. They will implement the latest business software solutions and ensure the software is always up-to-date, improving cloud efficiency further. Any maintenance issues will be dealt with promptly, so your business IT can operate smoothly on the cloud.

Stay Compliant and Safe 

Around 32% of all UK businesses recall data breaches or cyber-attacks in the past year. Increase your security with managed IT solutions. Managing cybersecurity and data efficiently is also essential to stay compliant.

Managed desktop services will help you stick to cybersecurity regulations and data protection. You can rest assured that data is always handled with care. These remote services can also help you implement policies to improve  IT security compliance. 

Customised IT Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to IT solutions. Your IT needs will be unique to your business, industry, goals, and staffing. Only a managed desktop service can analyse your IT infrastructure and provide solutions that are specific to your business. These customised solutions can align with your business strategy and help your business grow. 

Reliable Expert IT Support

Managed desktop services provide the IT support your company needs to thrive. If you have an IT department, they can begin to focus on other goals, such as how to combine business strategy with IT. And if you do not have an IT department, you know you have reliable service managing systems.

One of the main challenges many industries face is consistency and reliability with IT systems. Remote desktop solutions have expert support whenever you need it.

You do not have to worry about staff coverage or training. Managed desktop services provide experts with the latest technology, training, and resources. Why settle for any less in the volatile and evolving business IT world?

The Best Hosted Desktop in the UK

Using a hosted desktop in the UK is the best way to leverage the cloud and optimise your business software. Stay up-to-date, secure, consistent, and productive with managed desktop services. Plus, save money and save time, which is priceless.

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