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Tag: Hosted Desktop

How hosted desktops will make your accountancy firm more efficient

With HMRC’s personal tax software glitching and putting thousands of people at risk, it's understandable why technology is one of the biggest concerns for accountants today. We are in a data-driven economy where data tends to be the number one asset to most businesses, especially finance based. Small and large

Now is the perfect time to move your business to a hosted Desktop

Remote working is increasing world-wide as a way to keep employees safe and practice social-distancing. There is a lot to think about when making this transition, with one of the main issues companies have run into being equipment.  Most employees have their own computer, on a fixed operating system and

The Advantages of being a remote based Agency

Like many other businessES around the UK, we are lucky enough to still be working, just from home. Almost all of our staff live close by so it was easier for us to transition to this new way of working. We have discovered very quickly that being able to move