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DaaS or VDI

As more and more companies move to hosted desktops in the cloud, are you still weighing up your options between DaaS or VDI?

Hosted desktops is a great way to improve office functionality for small and medium size businesses (SMEs), and start-ups.

If you are not familiar with computer jargon, it might help to look at the descriptions of the two systems below.  Once you understand more about them, we can look at how they compare, plus the advantages of using a service like rentedapps.com to streamline your work force.

What Is VDI?
VDI is an abbreviation for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, where all the desktops use Network Infrastructure to link to a virtual machine, based on a central Server. The Desktops run Operating Systems, and the Server runs the Applications and stores and protects the user data.

What Is DaaS?

DaaS is an abbreviation for Desktop as a Service.  It employs Virtual Desktops and is a form of VDI. For DaaS clients, your VDIs are managed by a third party. It is mostly delivered using a Cloud service, and incorporates the applications and data handling that you need to run your business.  By using  rentedapps.com, all of your software is included, including upgrades, data backup and full protection.

Choosing Your System

When looking for a computer desktop solution for your business, there are many factors to take into account.  We feel that the three most important are Performance, Security & Price.  Looking at these three factors, you will see why so many business owners opt for the DaaS model, as opposed to the onsite Virtual Desktop option.

With DaaS provision, the VDI is managed by a third party like rentedapps.co.uk.  This means that the performance of the Servers will be highly optimized to far greater levels of performance than you could cost–effectively achieve using an on-site VDI alternative.

Data and IT security can bring fear into any business owner or professional, especially if you are working with client data on a daily basis.  Ensuring that your Server is protected from hackers and data loss is crucial to your business.  DaaS includes built-in security, giving you and your clients peace of mind when handling their data. You can communicate securely using authenticated connections to ensure your data is stored and shared safely using your hosted desktop solution.

DaaS is paid for on a monthly subscription basis, meaning there are no huge upfront costs involved in purchasing hardware to host your own VDi setup.  This option also gives you the availability to scale your service up and down as and when you need it.  There is no need for any onsite support provision on your part; all of the services by rentedapps.com include in-hours support, and this can be extended to cover out-of-hours, plus Helpdsk user support if required.

For a secure highly optimized and scalable hosted desktop solution, rentedapps.com should be perfect for you and your business. Call us today and we will arrange a free trial so that you can experience the benefits first hand.