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The Advantages of being a remote based Agency

Like many other businessES around the UK, we are lucky enough to still be working, just from home. Almost all of our staff live close by so it was easier for us to transition to this new way of working. We have discovered very quickly that being able to move youR entire business quickly is important and we are better for putting these practices in place now.

Adapting to this new way of workING has made us rethink how we might run ouR business going forward, as we imagine it may have done for you too. Why spend hundreds, if not thousands every month renting a commercial space plus heating, electric etc on top if you can do everything remotely?

You also have to think about all the money you have spent on moving your operations home buying staff desks, office equipment, new computers? Just to have everyone move back to the office in the next few weeks and then potentially having everyone move back to remote working after the summer.

There is a better alternative, people just work from home.

Here are just a few advantages of keeping your staff home, for good.

The best people, no matter the location

When you run your business from one location, you can only hire people who can get to your office everyday. We have all seen our dream job we would love to apply for but just can’t move our entire life for it. If you are an employer that doesn’t rely on your staff commuting, you can recruit from anywhere in the UK, maybe even Europe!

Time & Talent

There have been many studies that find individuals’ mental state is better off if they don’t have to spend hours every day commuting to and from work, waiting in lines, spending money on unnecessary things like a coffee near the office etc. People who are working from home suddenly become time-rich, they stop losing all these hours and start spending them with the ones they love. You can even introduce flexible working hours so parents can run their kids to school, or people can take extra long lunches to hit the gym.

Keeping your staff happy in work is just as important outside of work, we can guarantee your

team will begin work WORK harder and smarter for you when they have a happier life outside of work.

Low Fixed Costs

We have said it above – in fact we have probably all said it before; offices are expensive. Rent, business-rates, utilities, furniture, cleaners, refreshments, the bills just keep on piling up. Even if you contributed to your staff utility bills, it wouldn’t come close to how much you are spending on keeping your office.

Staff Retention

Just as we said in Time and Talent, all these added benefits are going to keep your staff happy, but as people’s personal lives change, their work life doesn’t. We have all lost staff because their partner has to move for work, or they need to go home to be near a loved one. Having a business that operates remotely means we don’t have to worry about losing great staff.

There is one way you could achieve this without causing a significant disruption to your workforce. Using a Rented Apps Hosted Desktop, you can get rid of machines that might be collecting dust in the office and when a member of staff joins your team you don’t need to send them thousands worth of new computers – just a simple log in and no matter what their current machine is (or the machine YOU provide) they will be able to jump in and get to work.

You can remotely control

It might sound extreme, but the tech sector is not the only area doing this. Wherever it is not strictly necessary for people to be office based, people should be given then option to work from home!

Get in touch with a member of the team to see how a Rented Apps Hosted Desktop could transform your business.