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The Advantages of VOIP Hosting PBX Over Traditional Phone Systems

Calling suppliers, communicating with coworkers/employees, and answering questions from potential or current clients all require secure and reliable phone systems. Being able to communicate efficiently is vital for maintaining and growing your business. In the past, businesses have relied on a physical location to house their operations, including traditional phone systems with copper wires and landlines.

Though having a designated office space and landline phone systems can have a certain appeal, there are other reliable communication methods with superior advantages through the internet and a cloud PBX.

As Dorset-based experts in managed IT services and support, SES Computers is here to help your UK business understand:

  • What a hosted PBX and VoIP system is
  • How it works
  • The benefits of utilising a VoIP PBX hosting phone system

Various applications and operating systems have become cloud-based, increasing connectivity, scalability, and productivity for businesses worldwide. Now, let’s explore how switching to cloud-based telecommunications can help improve the qualities of your business that we just discussed.

What is a Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX is a private branch exchange (PBX) or private telephone network for use within an organisation that is “hosted” by a service provider. A service provider hosting the system on their servers means your business can utilise PBX services through the cloud. This means your telephone systems do not require you to house specific hardware on your premises for them to work. Additionally, your provider maintains the technology so you can have a great connection and other benefits.

How Does a Hosted PBX Phone System Work?

You make phone calls within and outside your organisation through a hosted cloud PBX system using voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology. You can buy physical desk phones with built-in VoIP technology and connect them to the internet and your hosted PBX services.

Another option is to download a “softphone” (software telephone interface) into your computer and/or mobile phone to utilise your cloud PBX from anywhere with internet access. These technologies allow your voice data to travel through your network to the hosted cloud server and back out to the recipient through similar pathways as sending a direct message or email.

When using managed VoIP PBX hosting for your business, a private and secure IP network with lots of bandwidth is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and quality for your calls. Adding wired connections between VoIP-enabled phones or computers with VoIP software and your internet router can also help promote better-quality telecommunications connections.

The Benefits VoIP PBX Hosting Brings to Your Business

Whether you are a large enterprise that fields thousands of phone calls daily or a start-up company looking to expand, managed VoIP PBX hosting offers your business numerous and varied benefits.

Low Costs for Setup and Operations

Traditional phone systems require installing expensive hardware, such as copper wires to connect to local telephone systems and analogue landlines. You’ll also need to hire an on-site IT team to maintain the technology and troubleshoot any issues.

When you use a hosted PBX for your telecommunications, your service provider manages all maintenance and software upgrades externally, saving you from the extra costs of building or maintaining the technology needed for traditional phone systems. Most providers also charge affordable flat rates for domestic or international calls, allowing you to save money for other major business expenses.

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, you’ll need to add new lines for additional employees. This can be time-consuming and costly with traditional telephone systems and hardware, not to mention the extra space the equipment takes up.

Since VoIP PBX hosting is done through the internet and software, expanding your telecommunications systems for new employees or adding new locations is easily done through your web-based portals and routing phone numbers and calls. Furthermore, accessing your telecommunications systems through the internet allows you and your employees to operate beyond the standard office space, giving you the flexibility to take your business wherever you need.

Reduced Downtime and Enhanced Disaster Recovery

When your business is locked into one location through a traditional phone system, your business operations and communications hardware are at the mercy of inclement weather. This can cost you a lot of money if you can’t conduct business or your systems are damaged during harsh weather events.

VoIP PBX hosting prevents these hardships by having your telecommunications systems available offsite through the internet. If one data centre is down for any reason, you can still access your systems through another centre and keep your business rolling smoothly.

Access to Various Diverse Features

In today’s modern business world, analogue phone systems simply do not offer enough features for the cost of implementing, maintaining, and upgrading them. You can mute, hold, redial, or speed dial, but your options are minimal beyond that, especially if you want to set up automation.

VoIP PBX hosting gives you numerous options for call management, routing, and automation, as well as the ability to integrate with popular CRM systems like HubSpot and Salesforce. You can even have video conferencing between colleagues and a live chat function for real-time connections with visitors on your business website. The possibilities are limitless and cost-effective through a managed cloud PBX system.

SES Computers is Your Trusted VoIP PBX Hosting Solution

If you’re looking to upgrade your ageing traditional phone systems, SES Computers has your back. The 3CX VoIP PBX hosting system is our favourite for its affordability, feature-rich interface, and ease of use and management.

Businesses looking to improve their communications and reduce their operational costs for their systems need to look no further. Our experts can help you implement and manage this fantastic hosted PBX solution so you can focus on increasing productivity and growing your business.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our VoIP PBX hosting system can specifically benefit your UK business today.