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The Reasons Why Businesses Are Better In the Cloud With Hosted Desktop

As Cloud computing advances towards becoming a major mainstream consumer product, companies are now putting more trust in the Cloud to access their IT services and infrastructure.  Businesses considering transfer to the Cloud need to be certain that their data is fully protected, and that productivity is assured and generally enhanced.  Lower running costs are also a major benefit.  When choosing a provider for your Hosted Desktops, it is important to choose one that runs its own Cloud Centre, like RentedApps, so that all of your requirements are fully serviced, and protected, without compromise.

Smart Security

Nowadays, hacking has gone to a whole new level, with ever more sophisticated phishing techniques and viruses.  With Hosted Desktops from RentedApps, you’ll get the top of the range security options including encryption and intrusion prevention.  SSL encryption is employed, similar to that used by online banking platforms.


By using RentedApps, you no longer have substantial capital expenditure for hardware and software, neither initially nor in the future for upgrades.  The Hosted Desktops, in the form of simple PCs, are provided as part of the rental package.  Other devices such as Laptops, Tablets and Phones can also link to the system.  Whenever you require more capacity, or a wider range of applications, there is no need for significant capital expenditure, as the rental agreement can easily be amended to accommodate this.


Providing the same level of security and backup using your own resources can be expensive.  Also, the potential problems and costs associated with on-going support, maintenance and upgrade are no longer your problem.  A professional Hosted Desktop provider such as RentedApps covers all these aspects within your monthly subscription.


Significant benefits accrue from your ability to use your Laptop, Tablet or Phone to keep in full contact with what is going on in your office, whenever you are away.  Hosted Desktops provide the ability to do this, so that you can travel and take holidays away, without missing out on anything going on in the office, or that you may need to refer to.  Hosted Desktops from RentedApps keep you connected all through, leaving you more relaxed to travel without missing out on anything of importance.