The Top 5 Challenges Businesses Face Without Managed IT Services

The Top 5 Challenges Businesses Face Without Managed IT Services

Experts predict that by 2025, 45 per cent of all global organisations will be impacted by supply chain attacks.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology is the lifeblood of businesses large and small.

As organisations continue to embrace digital transformation, the role of IT infrastructure has become increasingly important in keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Managed IT services offer a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to outsource their IT needs. But what happens when an organisation chooses to brave the storm without these services?

To help clear up confusion, we’ve written a guide that breaks down the top challenges that you’ll need to overcome if you do not choose to work with an IT support company. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

What Are Managed IT Services?

In today’s digital world, businesses need strong IT support to thrive. Those without managed IT services face many challenges.

One role that managed IT services play is fixing IT issues quickly and keeping things running smoothly.

When problems happen, technical support experts are ready to help. This means your staff can focus on their jobs.

IT consultants can also protect your company from cyber threats. They have security experts who set up strong defences. They watch for problems and respond fast if there is an attack. This keeps your data and systems safe.

Another role is managing your network. Managed IT services will take care of issues before they become larger problems. They set up the right hardware and software. They will also do regular maintenance to prevent problems.

Managed IT services can also help your company stay up-to-date with technology. They know the latest trends and will offer helpful advice that will help you improve your business’s efficiency.

1. Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity is one of the top challenges that businesses tend to face. Without managed IT services, companies are more exposed to cyberattacks.

Hackers can steal sensitive data or disrupt operations. For example, in 2017, the WannaCry ransomware attack hit many UK businesses. The attack locked important files and demanded payment to unlock them.

As a result, many hospitals had to cancel appointments and surgeries.

IT consultants in the UK could have helped prevent this attack. Cybersecurity experts know how to spot threats and respond quickly. They also set up strong defences to protect businesses from hackers.

2. Compliance Issues

Another challenge is staying compliant with laws and regulations. Industries like healthcare and finance have strict rules for handling data.

If companies don’t follow these rules, they can run into legal trouble. For example, in 2018, a UK company called Bounty was fined £400,000 for sharing customer data without permission.

The company collected personal information from new mothers and shared it with other businesses.

IT support companies in the UK can help companies stay compliant. They know the regulations and make sure businesses follow them. They also help set up systems to protect customer data.

3. Limited In-House Expertise

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, companies are constantly developing new technologies. Keeping up with these changes requires expertise that not all companies possess.

This lack of knowledge might prevent businesses from adopting and implementing crucial IT solutions. These companies might miss opportunities for growth.

Cloud backup, for instance, is an essential tool for safeguarding a company’s data. This involves storing copies of important files on remote servers.

This makes it easier to recover lost information in case of system failure or cyberattacks. However, limited in-house experience may cause businesses to struggle with setting up and managing cloud backup systems effectively.

They may also find it challenging to choose the most suitable cloud service provider or to configure backup processes to meet their specific needs.

Businesses with limited IT experience may face higher risks of data loss, longer downtime, and increased operational costs.

They might also overlook critical aspects of data protection such as data encryption and access control. Therefore, they will leave their business’s sensitive information vulnerable to breaches.

4. Downtime and Loss of Productivity

Without expert assistance, it might be difficult for companies to manage their IT infrastructure. This means that they might need to deal with system failures and slowdowns.

These inconveniences might disrupt their daily operations. IT support companies in the UK specialise in preventing and addressing these issues.

On the other hand, in-house staff without proper IT training may struggle to resolve problems. This tends to decrease productivity and revenue.

On the other hand, IT support companies in the UK have skilled professionals.

Additionally, these IT support companies will perform regular maintenance and updates on your IT infrastructure.

They’ll proactively monitor your systems to detect potential issues before they escalate into bigger problems. This preventive approach will minimise the risk of unexpected downtime.

5. Strained Resources

Without managed IT services, your employees might need to allocate time and energy to handle IT issues. This will take them away from their core responsibilities.

This will reduce efficiency and lead to missed deadlines. Moreover, the cost of training and retaining in-house IT staff can be substantial.

Managed IT services alleviate these pressures by handling IT tasks. This will free up your staff to focus on their primary roles.

Understand the Importance of Managed IT Services

There are lots of challenges you’ll need to deal with if you don’t make use of managed IT services.

Not only will you need to deal with cybersecurity threats. You might also run into compliance issues. Lastly, your workers will be less productive.

Are you looking for an IT service solution? If so, we can help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started today!

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