This is the Future: Remote Work in 2021

This is the Future: Remote Work in 2021

To say the world experienced a historic shift in 2020 would be an understatement, the job market is unlikely to ever return to how it was in 2019, but why?

If you regularly read our blogs you will know there has been a mentality shift in the way employees and employers think about working remotely. In fact, pre-pandemic most employers where indifferent or they would have liked the option to take 2-3 days per month. As you can probably imagine, most employers didn’t like the idea of having their work force working remotely, even just for a few days.

Then 2020 came. While there are still some businesses holding on to their workspaces, most have decided to see what happens in the coming year or have completely pivoted to remote online working. It is estimated by 2025 that 70% of the workforce will be working remotely for at least 5 days a month. These stats were estimated in 2020, and we are already seeing the long-term output change as it seems most of, if not all of 2021 will continue to prioritise working remotely.

Through 2021 it is also estimated that the percentage of workers permanently working from home is going to double. This is according to a survey by ETR. “The productivity metric is proving that remote work is working,” said Erik Bradley, chief engagement strategist at ETR. “So, we all thought that there would be some increase in permanent remote work, but we didn’t expect that to double from pre-pandemic levels.” Another recent survey Gartner CFO revealed that over two-thirds (74%) plan to permanently shift employees to remote working after the Covid-19 crisis ends.

If you haven’t planned for long-term remote working, now is the time! A Remote Desktop for you and your team can provide the security and flexibility to offer remote working long or short term. All the files of yours and your employees are stored safely and securely in the cloud. In fact, the whole computer is saved to the cloud. You can access the very operating machine from anywhere in the world (most likely at home right now) on any computer, regardless of the operating system. It also saves a business hundreds on equipment. You don’t have to rely on local, system-based processing to get jobs done.

Top benefits of moving over to a Hosted Desktop for Remote Working:

Access Anywhere

Enable a robust BYOD strategy by providing employees with the tools to work from anywhere with RentedApps.

Centrally Managed IT

RentedApps is managed centrally, which means updates are quick and simple. No Additional licensing required.

Reduce Data Security Breaches

Removing data from user devices eliminates the risk of data loss through theft or loss of the user device.

Work From Any Device

Operating system and application incompatibility across different generations of devices are no longer an issue.

We are even offering every new user 30 days FREE with no commitment to sign up afterwards. A Rented Apps hosted desktop is exactly what you have been looking for, why not try it now?

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