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Transfer Your Business to the Cloud with Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Many of today’s pioneering companies are embracing the benefits of  Cloud computing.  A brilliant step in IT outsourcing; virtual hosting saves you money, while off-loading the hassle of maintaining a complex computer network.  Specially designed to fulfil the needs of small and medium businesses, but scalable to serve any business need, RentedApps Hosted Desktop solutions offer numerous advantages over a traditional network infrastructure.  Four significant benefits are outlined below.

1   Increased Data Security

RentedApps virtual private servers provide a high level of security and reliability that can’t generally be realized from an on-site computing system.  Regardless of your location, we have a 99% uptime guarantee for all our clients.  For additional protection, we can provide on-site backup services in real time, in addition to the usual data storage and back-up services at our facilities.

2   Flexible Work Schedules

Virtual desktop infrastructure allows your employees to work remotely.  Whether you have multiple office locations, salespeople in the field or workers who telecommute, RentedApps VDI provides the required solution.  This gives you the opportunity to manage data and applications,  irrespective of location or whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.  With a cloud computing provider like RentedApps, all you need to run your business is access to the internet.

3   Better Performance

When you move all your applications and data to the Cloud, you will enjoy improved performance on your desktops.  Aside from that, RentedApps will allow you to reap maximum benefits from existing technology.  Instead of having to replace all your computers every time there is an advancement in technology, our virtual servers are elastic and accommodate growth and change.  We will configure hosted desktops for every customer according to their specific needs.

4   Cost Reduction

The most intriguing thing about virtual private servers is that you get to save money.  At RentedApps, you have access to the latest desktop technology at a fraction of the price involved in purchasing and managing in-house systems and staff.  You will not only be reducing your upgrade and maintenance costs, but you will also be streamlining your IT infrastructure.  Plus your power usage will be reduced.

Manage Your Business in the Cloud

RentedApps is considered a leader in virtual desktop infrastructure service provision because we offer reliable and cost-effective IT solutions, for all businesses, around the world.

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits outlined above, contact RentedApps today for a friendly chat about your needs.