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Want a mobile workforce? Here’s how the cloud and hosted desktops can help!

Remote working isn’t a new concept but it is considered one of the most important trends for 2020-2021.

For several companies, long gone are the days of requiring your colleagues to be attached to their desks from 9-5. In fact, 50% of the UK workforces is predicted to work remotely by 2022 according to the Office of National Statistics.

Many businesses are already implementing technology and developing processes to promote remote working but how do you go about doing it? This guide will walk you through the benefits and why the cloud and hosted desktops are necessary for a successful mobile workforce.

What are the benefits?

The right technology is priority when creating a mobile workforce. You want all your employees to access files, applications and data from anywhere but securely and responsibly. The best way to achieve this is with a hosted desktop platform.

A hosted desktop is a computer that you can access through the cloud. It increases productivity when employees are working away from the office. Studies have show that offering your staff the choice of remote working and location flexibility can increase staff satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity. Some other benefits are:

1. Growth

Remote working can result in growth as the size of your company is not restricted to the size of your office space or the quantity of computers you have. With remote working, your employees can work anytime, anywhere.

2. Cost

Renting office space and buying equipment for all your employees is not cheap. However, with remote working, all these extra costs will no longer be a barrier to running your business successfully.

3. Productivity

Allowing staff to work in an environment that’s not only accessible to them but also comfortable should actually increase productivity within your workforce. While you may be concerned that you cannot monitor the work and productivity of your employees if they are not in the office, the increased levels of trust contributes to more satisfied and hard working employees.

4. Staff recruitment and retention

Not being tied to a specific location by permitting staff to work elsewhere not only increases the chances of recruiting from a much broader area but also can increase staff retention. Remote working means that staff may not have to continue with their dreaded commute to get to the office, which increases happinesses and productivity. Happier employees are more likely to stay.

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