What Are IT Support Companies, and What Do They Do Exactly?

What Are IT Support Companies, and What Do They Do Exactly?

IT or information technology departments are expenses that companies often overlook. After all, who isn’t somewhat technologically skilled in the modern day? The assumption is that simply trusting management to oversee IT makes it work. Just get the systems running.

Of course, it’s not that simple. A single catastrophic event, such as a massive data breach or a long-term system outage, can cause ruin for your company. When that happens, you need a dedicated IT department to rectify your situation. The cost of maintaining such a department can be high and requires a sizable dedicated staff.

What Are IT Support Companies

That’s where IT support companies in the UK are of use. These companies, sometimes called managed service providers, allow businesses to outsource their IT departments to focused, dedicated organisations with exceptional technological expertise. These companies are made up of people who know and understand the field intimately. They serve both small and large businesses, tailoring their work to their specific needs. Working outside the organisation, outsourced IT providers can handle anything from ongoing support to specific tasks.

What Is the Advantage of Hiring an IT Support Provider

IT support companies in the UK are highly prized for their myriad benefits. Organisations like SES Computers, an IT support company in Dorset, are most notable as practical cost-saving tools. Simply hiring an outside service saves companies the cost of internally hiring and establishing an IT department. The provider also presents a high skill level for a relatively modest budget.

There are other benefits to outsourcing as well, such as scalability. An IT service provider from outside can be as large or as small as your company needs. Furthermore, IT support companies in the UK evolve with your business, assigning new additions as you grow to fit your needs.

Finally, one of the most unexpected benefits is the access managed service providers give to high-end software often inaccessible to standard users. MSPs can amortise the cost of a license for software such as cloud computing software by using it with their client base as a whole. Hiring an IT service provider grants a much greater range of services for a lower cost than an internal department.

What Do IT Support Providers Do

An IT service provider offers a wide range of services to its clients. While this can encompass any possible element an IT department can provide, these functions are the core ones you can expect.

Management of Software

First, an IT support provider steps in to run all the systems in an organisation. This involves the management of software every time an error occurs. With a dedicated company looking out for issues such as an email failing to send, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

External Analysis

An IT support provider also serves as a valuable external analyst. Companies can get overwhelmed trying to figure out precisely what technology they need to advance their goals. But with an MSP, companies work with experts to find their needed solutions. They’ll look at your specific situation and the market to craft a technology solution to move your organisation forward.

Managing Phone Systems

One job often not considered is the role IT companies play in managing phone systems. Modern phones are often voice-over IP-based, making their computer systems with complex tasks such as:

  • Routing Calls
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Working as an Answering Service

Phone systems are essential and an IT department handles the job smoothly.

Management of Software Licenses

Another critical role is the management of software licenses. This might not be a task one would think of, but with software like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office subscription and per computer-based, keeping track of which licenses and subscriptions are in effect is tricky. A quality IT provider makes sure you always have the software you need when you need it.

But maybe the most important function these companies provide is simple day-to-day interaction with employees to fill their needs. Employees use software the most. They’ll find unexpected glitches or misconfigurations. They need a service to help them fix these problems as they arise. That’s the advantage provided by a provider who can work directly with the employee to resolve the issue.

What Should You Look for in a Provider

Having service provided is only meaningful if it’s quality service. A low-end company can cause a great deal of harm with flawed performance. So here are a few key points to consider. First, look for an MSP that knows your specific industry and can provide specialised services to match your needs.

Cost is always key, so weigh your specific financial limits and find a service that can match your needs without paying for things you don’t want or need. Finally, know your particular software and hardware requirements and seek a service that can handle your needs. With the right provider, your company will shine.

SES Computers

An IT support company in Dorset as well as other cities across the country, SES Computers aims to fill your IT support needs. We’re here to provide your company with the best IT solutions on the market with a wide variety of services, including VOIP hostingMicrosoft Exchangecloud hosting, and premiere security services. You’ve got a company to run. Trust the technology to us.

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