What Is Cloud Backup and How Does It Work?

What Is Cloud Backup and How Does It Work?

Nothing is scarier than a catastrophic loss of your data on a big project. Nobody wants to get deep into a job, the computer crashes, and all of the data and hard work is gone. Losing your project means losing time and money, which could be disastrous to your company. In the early days, before software like Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud backup UK solutions, a crash without autosave or manual backups was destructive.

Thankfully, cloud backup software has become omnipresent in the modern world with services like cloud backup for Google, Sharepoint, Box, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Office 365, Teams, and many other solutions, preventing this problem from occurring and giving businesses peace of mind. This software has emerged as the key safety net for the modern business world, but what exactly is it?

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is one of the simplest but most effective tools in the modern day. With software such as cloud backup for Google workspace, a file is sent from one location to another to preserve it safely. In these centres, the files are transferred to a secondary storage system for protection. While this is often virtual, the physical transport of files is often used for extra security. Cloud backup is usually instant, with results simple to view.

Businesses most commonly use the software with monthly or annual subscriptions. There are two types of cloud services:

  • Public- accessible to a large number of users
  • Private- only available to a highly limited number of users

Consumers initially used cloud backup for Google workspace, particularly for services such as Dropbox and OneDrive. Still, in an inversion of the standard model, businesses became later adopters of software like Salesforce and Box.

The Methods of Cloud Backup

Several methods of cloud backup are used when using software such as Box or Salesforces, which vary depending upon the program. These methods are highly effective ways to ensure your data is safe and secure.

  • Backing up directly to the public cloud is a process of backing files up to a shared server using software on the user’s end to create the backups rather than on the cloud end, with the server simply hosting the copy.
  • Backing up to a service provider involves writing data to a managed data centre with software either provided or the user using commercially available software.
  • Cloud-to-cloud software involves software in one cloud backed up directly to another cloud with the software provided through the service.

These common methods enable your business’s data to stay safe and secure in case of a catastrophic failure. With a quality cloud backup, such as Box or Salesforces, you can count on the software.

Cloud Seeding

A new form of cloud backup has become common outside the standard methodology. Cloud seeding involves the vendor sending a client a backup storage device, such as a hard drive to back their data up. Following this initial backup, the device is returned to the cloud client, and from then on, the only data backed up to the service is new.

What We Offer

SES Computers is proud to be one of the top cloud backup UK resources. Established in 1995, we have a long history of technology services. We’re always on top of the newest technologies. Today, we have three locations in Dorset, South, and Southwest to serve your needs. We’re available to ensure your data is safe and sound.

We offer a wide range of cloud backup services, such as hosted desktops. Remote workers highly value this software as it allows them to perform their tasks using our products anywhere in the world. With hosted desktops, they can safely trust that their information will be safely hosted on the SES servers rather than your own. With our software, businesses can save on IT costs as we handle everything. Our packages start as simple as 4 GB x RAM and 10 GB x storage. Hosted desktops are the way to go for remote workers.

We also offer Microsoft Exchange email servers. Encryption is key in email, and a hosted email server’s security ensures your emails have a safe, secure platform. Part of the Microsoft 365 suite, often used in conjunction with software such as Office 365, is a top-rated email platform highly regarded for its security. SES also provides Barracuda to provide an extra level of protection. You can trust your communication with us.

We also offer hosted file servers and cloud backups for all of your business needs. With file hosting, you can trust the important data your company needs to powerful high-performance servers. With plans as small as 50 GB per month, whatever your business needs, we’ll provide. For cloud backup, we’re also the source to turn to. Our servers host Office 365 for integration with programs like Sharepoint and Teams. We have the solution for your cloud backup needs.

SES Computers offers more than just cloud backup, though. We’re proud to give companies a wide range of IT services to fit their business needs. SES also offers the finest in internet security to ensure your company’s encryption needs to protect your vital information.

With a long history in the business of computing, we’re proud to serve you. Check out our website today!

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