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What You Need to Know Before Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Hosted Desktops Cloud Solutions Explained

The needs of IT departments are continuously evolving.  IT managers face a constant challenge to manage the needs of businesses.  Users want more flexibility to support their increasing mobile working practices.  At the same time, there is huge concern about information security, compliance issues and the ability to retain control over their data.  Hosted virtual desktop is a sure solution for companies grappling with these problems.

However. there are a number of potential problems that need to be considered carefully before online desktop hosting is adopted:

  • How fast will an application launch?
  • How quickly can we download from the server?
  • At what speed can we browse the web?
  • How fast can we copy files from the desktop server?

Although these factors are very important, businesses do not always pay enough attention to them, despite the fact that they really are make or break determinants in Cloud computing.  At RentedApps, we know what matters most.  With our virtual hosting, we will help you understand all these factors, and more, so that your business can reap maximum benefits

Cloud Desktop Backups

Most people assume that once their business is in the Cloud, their data is properly taken care of.  After all, other providers rarely admit to problems, although they suffer continuous cyber attacks that threaten the integrity of client data.  At RentedApps, we ensure maximum data security, with high integrity, anti-malware provision, and offsite backup of your data.  This is intended to protect you against catastrophic events.

Printing in the Cloud

Printing is potentially one of the biggest problems in computing.  Multiple desktops are notorious for crashing. especially with imperfect printers or drivers.  At RentedApps, we dedicate a substantial resources to minimise such problems, with our technical team available 7 days a week to provide solutions to users on such issues.

Corporate Collaboration in the Cloud

Corporate partnership is an essential ingredient in the success of any business.  With RentedApps virtual desktops, you have the ability to specify shared network space based on per-user needs.  You can create multiple private network drives for all your users, and allocate different permissions to control access and usage, particularly for those involved in activities such as Management, Accounts, HR, Sales, Research, and more.