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Why Hosted Desktop is the Right Solution!

Hosted Desktop solutions involve using PCs, Laptops and Tablets purely as interface devices for inputting commands and data, and displaying the results.  Data processing and storage are done independently, using either on-site equipment or remotely through a Cloud.   Hosted Desktops make IT available and workable for you anytime anywhere, using a variety of devices, including smartphones.  It also comes with other benefits and perks.

The centralised processing and storage network allows Hosted Desktops to overcome many PC related issues such as portable working device, processing power, backup and recovery, cost management and prompt levelling up or down.

Why is it the better choice?                                                  

Hosted Desktop solutions are simpler to manage in comparison to personal desktops, and offer better data processing, security protection and standards that keep all the information safe and secure.

Hosted Desktop migrates the functions and features of authentication, printing services, data storage and availability along with applications processing to centralised servers and data storage, using an in-house Network or a Cloud.  Using a Cloud, such as that provided by RentedApps, increases accessibility using secure connections from any device or system having an internet connection.  Here is a list of few of the other things you would love.

  • Groups of people in an organisation can work in parallel on Hosted Desktops, with each group linked to the Cloud through a single broadband connection, because of the relatively small bandwidth requirement. A 3G based cellular data connection allows a single user to work effectively almost anywhere there is coverage.
  • Because the work of the Hosted Desktops is based on common data and processed by linked servers, minimal direct data management is required. Also, patching is more robust and data integrity enhanced.
  • In a private Cloud, such as that provided by RentedApps, personalisation of the system to suit your needs is made easy, and your data is properly safeguarded.

How Can You Start?

Looking to go the virtualization way for your business?

You need licenses, and centralized network infrastructure systems for your Hosted Desktops to be able to access and use any hosted desktop solutions.  RentedApps can help you here.

You can lease the most suitable licenses from many offered by paying a monthly or yearly fee to the service provider.  We take care of any backup or recovery issues for you.

It’s one of the best options for a mobile workforce today – are you ready to try it out, yet?