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Why should you choose Cloud over an Office Server?

Technology has found its way into almost every business, with a growing number of SMEs relying on networked computer services.  As fascinating as it seems, an equally surprising aspect of this is that some SMEs are relying on unreliable and outdated computer systems.

In-house Office Servers – The Great Fall

When it comes to resolving this issue, a major concern is the high costs of buying technical support and replacing out of date systems.  This means that companies often choose to patch up outdated and slow in-house Office Servers, rather than making huge investments.

As a direct impact of such choices, system downtime may well be sky-high, knocking down efficiency and decreasing productivity.

Moving to the Cloud

As technology evolves over time, so do the businesses using it.  Many businesses are now looking at the bigger and better picture of managed IT services in the Cloud.  A Cloud hosting solution, such as that provided by RentedApps, will remove the need of buying expensive in-house servers and desktop PCs, allowing your staff to at access your business application packages hosted in the Cloud.  Access can be gained to the your applications and data via desktop PCs, and also using devices that link to the Internet.

The ‘Virtual Server’

Using a provider such as RentedApps, your business applications will be hosted on a powerful Virtual Server situated in a secure Data Centre, owned and operated by the provider.  Your data will also be stored securely at the Data Centre, with full data back-up.

In addition to fast and efficient applications processing, and data access, the Cloud requires only low-level devices to provide the operator interface.  Simple PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets will enable your staff to access data and use applications, both in the office and anywhere else in the world where Internet access is available.