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Why Should You Go the Hosted Desktop Way?

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If you are looking to improve productivity and get more work done, investment in Hosted Desktops will provide a good solution.  It’s the best way to work efficiently and effectively, especially with a mobile workforce, and is safe and secure too.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

Hosted Desktops refers to the provision of computing services whereby the user workstations are simply a means of inputting data and displaying the results.  All applications processing and data storage/backup is provided by central Servers, which may be located either on-site or remotely in the Cloud.  Within the Cloud, some service providers such as RentedApps take care of all your processing and storage needs using their own Data Centre; but other providers use third-party facilities, with an inherently greater potential for data compromise.

In conjunction with a decent broadband connection, any suitable devices such as PCs, Laptops, and Tablets can be used within the Cloud to input the data and display the results.  Using these devices, and Smartphones, users can access their data and applications anytime anywhere.  It is like keeping your PC in your pocket.

All your files, user profiles and data is stored at one location regardless of where you choose to work from. Hosted Desktops are beneficial in helping to suppress many kinds of IT related troubles.  For example, guaranteed high protection from virus and malware, automatic data backup/recovery, with software upgrades and patching included.

How Difficult Is It to Manage?

Most commercial applications along with other databases and accounting packages can be integrated onto Hosted Desktops and thus provide you with fully functional and efficient interfaces.  Clients will be able to access their applications easily and work on them almost anywhere without having to worry about the hardware restrictions of their system or devices.

How Popular Is It?

It is estimated that by 2020, around 60 million business PCs will be replaced by Hosted Desktops. Many IT giants are investing more and more in this advancing field of computing platforms within the Cloud.  Their involvement has accelerated developments.  Also, the evolution of new licensing schemes, allowing subscription to the service, instead of having to make an outright purchase, has increased its popularity.

So, if you are planning to start your own new business, or are not fully satisfied with your current IT provision, opting for Hosted Desktops is an ideal choice.  Service providers like RentedApps will enable you and your staff to work efficiently and effectively on all your data and applications from almost anywhere, whenever you want.