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Why virtual PCs are the best way to grow your start-up quickly

When you’re a start-up it can be very difficult to compete with established companies and large competitors.

However staying ahead of the curve is just as easy for new businesses. For start-ups and small enterprises, without existing old-fashioned hardware or costly bulky servers, starting your business on the cloud will give you a competitive boost.

Find out why virtual PCs and hosted desktops are the no brainer option for your start-up with these top benefits:

They protect your data

Since the GDPR regulations were established, protecting your data is more critical than ever. With highly protected and resilient UK based data centres, virtual PCs provide the best levels of data security available. This is crucial for a start-up, like with any large business, as protecting your assets and client information is a necessity for business success.

They promote scalable business growth

Growth is the key to any new business, however the option of scalability that virtual PCs offer is a necessity. If you don’t want to expand too quickly or too slowly, the cloud function provides flexible and scalable access to your data and apps. Instantly add and remove users and licenses as your company size grow, only ever paying for what you need!

They enable accessibility and flexibility

Even if you don’t have an office space yet, we are living in a mobile world, where flexible working and remote access appears to be the key to business success. Implementing a virtual hosted desktop increases productivity when employees are working from external locations. Save yourself and your employees commuting costs and overheads by promoting mobile working!

Similarly, brand new computers for your staff can be unrealistic and very expensive. That’s why the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution can be implemented and is a great way to enable modern working. Technology is key in creating a mobile workforce and enhancing accessibility across your devices. By giving yourself and employees access to all files, data and software, securely on your hosted desktop you can enhance productivity, efficiency and connectivity.

They increase reliability

There is nothing worse than unexpected downtime or the risk of losing your files and data. Virtual PCs remove that fear though, with constant automated back-ups, have that extra peace of mind when growing your start-up.

They are affordable

As a start-up you enough costs to worry about – virtual PCs can remove the additional cost of additional hardware and software the require installation, maintenance, training and all the other extra expenses. All the elements of a cloud package, including: anti-virus, backup, hardware support, licensing and software updates will provide instant savings on your IT expenses.

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