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Work Anywhere From Your Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktop gives you true mobility. 

The first and most essential benefit of the Cloud is the ability to access your data and applications anytime, anywhere.  With a remote desktop, you don’t have to use web-based servers to run your applications.  You use your own application-rich desktop features, and data, to do whatever you need.

Your Apps run on virtual servers, accessing your own documents and data; your hosted desktop serves only to enter your requirements and then display the results.  As such, regardless of where you are, and whatever device you’re using, you can always manage your business.  Simply use a Tablet, PC, Mac or even Smartphone device.  If there is no Wi-Fi access, a 3G mobile link can equally provide the service, using any web browser.  RentedApps has clients over the world, all reaping maximum benefits from their hosted desktops.

It is worth noting that Cloud desktops are perfect for businesses with multiple branches.   With virtual hosting, every office gets access to the same high-quality services.  Furthermore, there are zero restrictions on the number of users and sites using the system.

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If you are looking for a Cloud computing provider, please talk to RentedApps.  We have extensive experience providing medium and small businesses with cost-effective IT solutions.  We fully understand the needs of smaller enterprises.  Why not start your virtual computing through a simple call to us?  We will propose a solution and quotation to get you started.

Our Virtual Hosting Desktop

As a well-established Hosted desktop service provider, we are acutely aware of what works.  Regardless of the circumstances, our friendly staff are available to provide 7 day support and solution for any issues that might arise.