Business Sector Case Study

Our customer is a turnaround specialist.  They specialise in taking over and reviving businesses in different sectors.

Reimagining Business Communication Efficiency

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Unifying Business Processes

Client's Needs Met Through Comprehensive Cloud Solutions


Our customer had a specific problem, which involved the takeover of in excess of 50 DDI phone numbers that were hosted using several different PBX and line technologies and provided from several different phone line providers.  

The numbers were geographically spread out and low use, but absolutely mission critical, so we needed to provide an efficient process for taking over, virtualising and moving to a single cloud-based phone network, all without interruption to any voice service. 

We further needed to suggest and deploy the most optimum configuration for the new, national cloud PBX when considering both local and national comms need.

The SES Computers Approach

SES Computers approached this issue via a project to move every customer location onto our 3CX cloud phone system whilst virtualising every local phone number and routing through rented SIP trunks.  We suggested also taking over the mobile services to provide a fully converged national setup.

We provided several different processes for dealing with legacy copper, ISDN and voice over IP services by standardising using Gamma SIP technology.  These processes included mechanisms for dealing with the problems of precise timing of service moves, chiefly through the provision of an interim stage that could be tuned on and off as needed by the engineer.

Every location was dealt with on an individual need basis, so that the precise setup and reuse of legacy hardware was dealt with in the most efficient way possible.

“We were extremely happy with the project and service that SES provided to us during this takeover. It was potentially a major headache that was avoided, to our relief.”


The result is a project that we provided as a turn-key solution, taking full responsibility for each service transition.  Every service was moved across with no interruptions to calls.  Most importantly, this was all achieved remotely; which succeeded in keeping costs as low as possible. 

The customer now enjoys the use of a fully converged SIP based cloud PBX, with all of the normal advantages around cost and utility that such a system brings.

We can also provide this as a white box service for resale to your customer if an indirect channel is needed.

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