Insurance Sector Case Study

Our customer is active in the Insurance sector.  Our client took over a rival chain of brokers and so needed to merge the old IT and telephony setup they had purchased into their extant systems with a minimum of inconvenience and risk. 

Providing On Demand Services

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SES Cloud Services Integration

SES works with our client’s IT department to provide support with projects

The SES Computers Approach

We approached this issue by working with our client’s IT department to formulate a plan for the transfer of hardware, soft setups and the update of the outgoing phone PBX which was an older onsite PBX.

For IT, we moved all staff who were moving across under TUPE terms into our Rented Apps system, whist transferring personal data and old email databases. This was achieved gradually using set procedures that we developed for our client to aid the process. 

The Outcome

We produced a plan to move all old DDIs to point at the client’s cloud phone system as well as updating the call handling profiles to standardise on the customer experience our client has already established.

For a business, the takeover of a rival organisation is often one of the most risky and busy set of circumstances.  We succeeded in providing on demand services to create and execute the needed processes to successfully transfer and standardise the IT and converged communications systems of each TUPE staff member.  These services were end to end from creation to successful execution, just requiring client sign off. 

The transfer work was completed successfully, with the businesses merged to schedule.

“This project was extremely challenging for us as a business and as an IT department. SES were with us each step of the way, and provided us with on the fly help using their previous experiences to produce, test and execute processes for us as we discovered them in some situations. I couldn’t have asked for more”


Our services are interlocking and end-to-end.  From mobile phones, ISP, support and converged communication platforms to a UK based virtualisation platform all provided by us directly using our own systems.  We can also provide soft services; problem solving, automating and connecting unlike systems using our FuseIT technology.  We can even provide you with a temporary pair of hands to help you with your business problems, all the way up to IT Director level using our experienced employees.  Call or message us today!

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