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Agincare – A Hosted Desktop Case Study

Who are Agincare? Agincare UK are a family-owned, independent care provider in the UK with care homes throughout England. They deliver to both the private and public sector with domiciliary care, live-in care and care homes. They focus on maintaining local relationships with each of

An Inexpensive Solution for Your IT Requirements

The biggest expense for most Professional organisations is payroll, but is surely worthwhile as it helps to build a good team that benefits the business.  Effective IT infrastructure is also needed to ensure efficient and effective performance, so that the team members can all achieve

Solicitors must do everything to protect Client interests…

For all involved in Legal Practice, information security is paramount, as reputation depends on it.  In the past, this has led to some practioners not always having sufficient confidence to employ IT solutions involving Hosted Desktops. However, we are going to explain how Hosted Desktops

Why Hosted Desktop is the Right Solution!

Hosted Desktop solutions involve using PCs, Laptops and Tablets purely as interface devices for inputting commands and data, and displaying the results.  Data processing and storage are done independently, using either on-site equipment or remotely through a Cloud.   Hosted Desktops make IT available and workable

SES Computers - IT Consultancy

Why Should You Go the Hosted Desktop Way?

If you are looking to improve productivity and get more work done, investment in Hosted Desktops will provide a good solution.  It’s the best way to work efficiently and effectively, especially with a mobile workforce, and is safe and secure too. What is a Hosted

Why should you choose Cloud over an Office Server?

Technology has found its way into almost every business, with a growing number of SMEs relying on networked computer services.  As fascinating as it seems, an equally surprising aspect of this is that some SMEs are relying on unreliable and outdated computer systems. In-house Office

5 Reasons why your New Business Needs Hosted Desktop

The necessity for a significant investment in IT hardware and software is a major concern when starting a new business.  However, a Hosted Desktop solution can reduce your start-up costs by providing an inexpensive way to run your business application software on high-performance systems.  Here