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Work Anywhere From Your Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktop gives you true mobility.  The first and most essential benefit of the Cloud is the ability to access your data and applications anytime, anywhere.  With a remote desktop, you don’t have to use web-based servers to run your applications.  You use your own

What You Need to Know Before Moving Your Business to the Cloud

The needs of IT departments are continuously evolving.  IT managers face a constant challenge to manage the needs of businesses.  Users want more flexibility to support their increasing mobile working practices.  At the same time, there is huge concern about information security, compliance issues and

Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime Through Our Hosted Desktops

Enterprises continually look for ways to offload larger percentages of their maintenance costs.  Virtual hosting is increasingly becoming the trend for companies who want to maintain simplicity, scalability and flexibility with their IT infrastructure.  This is a form of Cloud computing that resembles traditional Windows

Is Your Microsoft Server Out Of Date

It is estimated that one fifth of original users are still running Windows Server 2003, even though support ended for this product over twelve months ago.  Since July 2015, Microsoft has not updated the security, nor offered any support.  This leads us to the obvious

Report Highlights Security Issues For On Site Servers

Sceptical business owners have always been concerned by the levels of security that operating in the Cloud provides. Recent studies have shown that a significant number of businesses do not employ basic security to protect their on-site Servers from cyber-attack. Sounds interesting but what does

Keep Connected and in Control on Holiday

The summer holiday season is here with us again. But many owners of small to medium sized businesses, who take a well-deserved break, will know how stressful a holiday can be.  Letting go and entrusting your workforce, whilst having only limited access, or perhaps relying

When Disaster Strikes

From a business perspective, weather can have a major impact on the bottom line and staff productivity.  So as to “weather the storm” in times of extreme weather, business owners need to be prepared for it. Extreme weather conditions have of late been experienced in

DaaS or VDI

As more and more companies move to hosted desktops in the cloud, are you still weighing up your options between DaaS or VDI? Hosted desktops is a great way to improve office functionality for small and medium size businesses (SMEs), and start-ups. If you are